In today’s world, everything we come across is dynamic. Technology, businesses, products, services, and probably probably the way we search for answers to our requirements.Content Management Systems(CMS) have been in existence since the late 1990s when the internet boom began to take over the world. The growing need for a single repository and a simple and effective interface to manage content became the need of the hour. CMS nowadays is not just a data repository; it has matured into something extremely complicated. With concepts like Big Data and Social Media which are now everybody’s priority, the need for a robust CMS is much greater than ever before.ShayTech comes with over two decades of core industry experience and our expertise lies in providing services around the CMS platforms. From understanding your dynamic content needs that can at times get complicated, designing the architecture, deployment and post deployment support and thereby simplifying the entire CMS adaptation process, ShayTech addresses all facets of a robust CMS build including Open Source CMS systems like Drupal and WordPress.   To dive into the specifics of  commercial CMS Services  that ShayTech provides:


Oracle WebCenter Sites (formerly Fatwire), for your content management needs:

Oracle WebCenter Sites 
Implementation Services:
  • CMS Infrastructure & Architecture Review.
  • Installation, Deployment and Post project support for Oracle WebCenter.
Support Services:
  • Support to sites that use Content Server Engage Utility. (Engage adds personalization and merchandising features to the Content Server product family)
  • Cross Channel Content Server / Satellite Server synchronization.
  • Building custom URL assemblers for effective SEO optimization.
Training Services:
  • Focused workshops on custom requirements on Oracle WebCenter Site Management
  • Training for Oracle WebCenter Developer and Oracle WebCenter Architect.

ShayTech’s team is also specialized in

  • CatalogMover: for exporting and importing database tables.
  • XMLPost: for incrementally importing data into the Content Server database.
  • BulkLoader: for quickly importing large amounts of data into the Content Server database.

Adobe CQ

Adobe Communique 5 (Adobe CQ5), currently manifested as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), is a web-based content management system which is developed to help businesses in offering high-end digital experience to their customers. Our expertise ranges across the entire unified content management suite of AEM, be it Web Content management (WCM), Marketing Content Management (MCM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) or mobile and social applications.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to customize and enhance your documents:



Enterprise Content Management
  • ECM Designer
  • Contractual support for your ECM integrations
  • Our skilled ECM programmers make your content dynamic
  • Customize your documents using our creative Design Experts.


Drupal is a scalable, free and open source content-management framework written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License and digital experiences. Drupal provides deep capabilities and endless flexibility on the web.


Just another WordPress site