At Shaytech, top notch customer service is our air. We breathe and live it. We strongly believe that a healthy mix of passion and commitment will lead only to excellence, which is what we strive to achieve. No two days are the same here and we like everyone to exude the same high energy vibes.

We are always on the lookout for people who excel in WCMS, AEM, Drupal, Java, JSP/Servlet, J2EE, Dot.Net, Document Management and Test Automation on a whole. You should also believe in the fact that learning other technologies is continuous and a part of working with us.

high-growth We cater to varied requirements cutting across industry boundaries and geographies. Analyze the previous statements and the only thing we could say is that we are at the right place, at the right time and in front of the right audience. Building a career here is now a better option than any time before!
services Our top of the line services are pushing the limits and redefining the metrics a global services provider should be capable of not just ‘doing’ but unconditionally ‘outperforming’. With a primary focus on finding effectively simple solutions to difficult industry challenges, we pride ourselves in having an intellectual think tank that is second to none.
innovation To fuel Excellence at Shaytech, we work with like-minded people who synergize with our passion for excellence. And we’d like to tell you upfront that passions do run high! We know that working with a high calibre team guided by an able leadership is a proven path to success. We believe in working and growing together, have open forums to come up with constructive ideas and that is the reason that hierarchy is something that we do not believe in.
Benefits Working with a tight and agile team with the in settings of smaller organization always comes with a lot of advantages. Flexibility in all aspects of working forms the core of the culture here. An open door policy, best in the industry pay, high career growth opportunity and an incredible platform to showcase your skills while learning a lot in the process should be a good enough set of criteria to see why you should have a career with us!

As the adage goes, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”, we don’t like to get stuck in the rut of getting out of bed in the morning and drudging through the day with blinders on. We always encourage a work-life balance and strongly believe in spending quality time with all those who influence our life. At Shaytech, there is never a dull day to worry about.

So, if you still feel that your adrenalin rush is being a part of an awesome high performing team. Then you’re the One!

Mail us your resume and we can have a discussion on your career at Shaytech.