Digital Media is our forte. The whole of it, starting from defining a Digital Media Strategy for the client, seeing it through the execution and evaluation cycles of every single component that would be an influence to any part of the result. The experience of two decades that we carry with is by working and interacting with blue chip clients and industry thought leaders across the world.

At Shaytech, our web services consultants are the best brains you can find in the market for anything to do with Digital Media. Working with the best has given us the experience to lead in Digital Media and we understand it no less than any notable leaders in this domain. Below are the ten areas we focus on under the Digital Marketing Paradigm.

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    • Web Presence Strategy

      Since your online presence is now all too important, setting a good first impression with your customers should be your highest priority. A well laid out website with pleasing visuals and optimum text will lead to a higher degree of engagement with your customers. At Shaytech, we will devise strategies to drive online traffic to the company website within budgets and timelines.

    • Digital Media Asset Management Strategy

      At Shaytech, we develop insightful and thorough recommendations to improve technical, design, content, on-page and off-page optimization elements to the company’s website and allied digital assets to attract prospects.

    • Brand Marketing Strategy

      Technically, Branding and Marketing are two different elements of any Go To Market strategy. Branding is at a Strategic level and Marketing is being tactical. But here, we merge both in terms of using Brand image for marketing initiatives. Increasing Brand stickiness is after all the primary end result of all marketing initiatives.

    • SEO and Content Strategy

      For SEO to work its magic, content is the wand that needs to be waved. For us at Shaytech, ‘content’ is the king! And we tailor make this to take your unique business to your target audience with maximum relevance.

    • Social Media Marketing Strategy

      Nowadays Social Media has grown to proportions that it governs the very future of many companies. We will help increase your Social Media traction with your customers and prospects through carefully thought out campaigns.

    • Reputation Marketing Strategy

      Simply put, in this age of searching for reviews online before making a buying decision (it could be anything from a safety pin to a white elephant) your current customers would become key influencers to your potential customers in taking a more informed decisions. The word of mouth would spread faster online with your enhanced reputation and will bring in far reaching changes.

    • Integrated Marketing Strategy

    • Manage a wide range of digital marketing projects, including organic optimization, paid search marketing, blog implementation, link-building, social media activities etc. with no hand-holding.

    • Campaign Marketing Strategy

      Define business requirements for digital marketing solutions that enable efficient execution of marketing campaigns and a world-class user experiences. Whatever the nature of the campaign and whatever the means, be it online or offline, we will enable the entire set of Digital assets to complement the campaigns to the fullest potential.

    • Email Marketing Strategy

      Email is not about spamming the recipient with marketing brochures; it is about maintaining a healthy communication channel built by trust and goodwill. Being one of the least effectively used channels, we can help turn around your customer’s perception about your brand through will planned and relevant strategies.

    • Analytical Services

      We strongly believe in guiding your future campaigns based on the market intelligence we gather and the data that we analyze. Not only would it help future campaigns, but many a time we’ve found that even current campaigns can be fine tuned for maximum impact in near real time.