At Shaytech, we do not limit ourselves only to CMS and allied services. With varied industry experience, our experts can help with most of your technical needs. From product testing to after release support, we can help you scale up faster by building a robust roadmap for your products and services.

A partial list of our services is below

Other Services
  • Implementation of small and large scale web sites using industry standard Web Content Management softwares like Oracle WebCenter Sites, AEM and Drupal.
  • Development and integration of Document Composition Solutions using Industry standard products like HP ExStream.
  • Development and integration of Output/Document management Solutions.
  • Training for Oracle WebCenter Sites Developer, Oracle WebCenter Sites Architect and Drupal.
  • Design of Web Sites using industry standard tools and technologies.
  • Software Testing and Test Automation using the industry standard tools and testing methodologies.
  • Project planning and project transition strategy.
  • Detailed project specifications, general and technical functionality.
  • Prototyping and pilot programs.
  • Implement solutions on multiple technical platforms.
  • Installation, Deployment and post project support.

Automated Testing

  • TestComplete is a functional automated testing platform developed by SmartBear Software which enables you to create, manage and run tests for any Desktop, Web or Mobile Client software.
  • Test Complete is broken out into three modules: Desktop, Web, Mobile.
  • Each module contains functionality for creating automated tests on that specified platform.
  • TestComplete is used for testing many different application types including Web, Windows, Android, iOS, WPF, HTML5, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, .NET, VCL and Java.
  • It automates functional testing and back-end testing like database testing.
  • TestComplete IDE includes: Test Project Management, Test Execution tool for both manual and automated test cases, Reporting, Web Load/Performance tool.


If you have any niche requirements consult with us and we shall assist you in achieving your organizational objectives and realize ROI faster.